All our decking is milled, kiln dried and machined by Bennetts Timber Service to provide you with a durable product at a great price.


We sell Jarrah timber decking mill-direct to the public: select grade, standard grade and feature grade.


Jarrah Decking sizes include:


85mm x 19mm

105mm x 19mm

130mm x 19mm


We service the Perth area and surrounding areas in the South West. Orders can also be placed for other locations in Australia.


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Decking Timber Perth


Outdoor Jarrah timber decking can be a perfect addition for any home in Australia. Decks can be built as an extension to a back verandah, patio or as an amazing new attachment to the home. A beautiful wooden deck can provide you with an wonderful place to enjoy the fresh air at a barbeque or dinner with family and friends. A deck can be built as a unique standing place without leaning on the wall or with support from the wall.


There are a wide variety of wood types that can be used to build a deck and everyone has their own personal tastes. Here are some suggestions that might help you when selecting timber decking in Perth and the South West.

What is the best decking timber for Perth and the South West?


Our first recommendation for decking timber in Perth and other areas of Western Australia would definitely be Jarrah. As far as timber decking materials go, this is an excellent quality wood that has been used to build outdoor decks for years. Jarrah is said to be the best wood for outdoor purposes and will make a good deck that lasts for a long time, as it is highly resistant to termites and weather conditions. As Jarrah is very durable, it is also suggested for building panels, floors, poles, sleepers and flooring in houses. It is available in brown and red tones that have a stunning and luxurious look. Choosing Jarrah for your timber decking project provides a stunning finish. 


Timber Decking Materials Other than Jarrah


It is essential to choose the right wood for decking or timber slabs that will be used for outdoor purposes. Some of the highest quality timbers, other than Jarrah, for outdoor building include:

  • Merbau: has a high degree of natural durability and strength.

  • Ipe: great for rot and heat resistance.

  • Redwood: excellent for rot resistance but may lose its shine when affect by moisture.

  • Western Red Cedar: a top quality wood for resisting rain and sun. 

  • Mahogany: bug-proof and weather-proof.

  • Mock lumber: this is not a complete wood but a mixture of plastic and wood polymer.


Building Jarrah Decking Perth


When building your own timber deck, it is important to keep these things in mind:

  • The length and the width should be marked with the help of strings. Correct measurement is essential to build the right shaped wooden deck.

  • After checking out the correct position of the cables and the drainage system, the holes must be dug out. The holes should be 300mm in size to fix the posts for your deck.

  • To set the stir up bracket, the concrete should be poured into the hole. The distance between the bottom of the post and the ground should be 75 mm. With the help of a spirit level, the vertical limits of the posts should be measured. Caliper the post till it erects straight and then let the concrete to set well.

  • Floor height should be checked to find the thickness at which the deck is going to be built. Fix the Jarrah timber decking to the walls in the house, if the deck is planned to touch the wall of the house. To fix it, Dyna bolts should be used. The Jarrah timbers should be screwed well in the places where there is a need.

  • All the bearers should be attached to the posts with the help of the anchors used for framing. Joists and the bearers should be attached with the help of the frame anchors at a regular interval of 450 mm. After setting the frames, the Jarrah timber decking boards should be laid across the frame. Galvanized nails are suggested to nail the boards in place.

  • All the boards should be placed over the joist. After fixing the boards, excess wood should be removed with the help of a circular saw.

  • Choose the right paint or varnish that suits the wooden deck as well as the colour of the house and paint it neatly.


Different Timber Dressing Options for Jarrah Timber Decking


Dressing the timber decking can be tougher work than planning and placing your deck. If the timber is recycled, it should be checked for any metals such as nails inside. You can use a simple metal detector to find the nails and remove them with pliers. After removing nails, scrub the timber with the metal brush. It removes all the splinters and corrects the uneven surfaces in the decking timber. Winding sticks are two parallel sticks with a long stick above them. A pair of winding sticks is necessary to dress the timber. With the help of the winding sticks, place the timber in the dressing position. With the help of the buzzer, tune the timber well to bring it to a perfect level. You can find more on Timber Dressing here.


DIY Timber Decking - Finishing Touches


Dress all the timbers in the similar way to reveal the stunningly beautiful and attractive red colour of the Jarrah. If the user wants to dress the timber with the latest machinery, there are a variety of timber dressers available. You are now ready to build to build your own timber deck. Click here to check our timber decking prices.


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