Timber Slabs Perth and Western Australia


We offer a range of timber slab products from fully dressed timber slabs to raw cut. We are a local supplier to Perth and other areas in the South West of WA. Timber slabs can be used in so many different ways, all of which we can help you with.

Types of Timber Slabs for Sale

  • Jarrah

  • Marri

  • Sheoak

  • Blackbutt

The vibrant colours found in our majestic hardwoods range from salmon pink to rich red, creamy honey to golden tan, as well as various shades of sun-burnt orange. Our species are internationally valued for their beautiful characteristics and unique properties. These ancient pieces of timber are a beautiful part of natural history.


For more information on each of our timber slab types see the Additional Information section below.


Timber Slab Pricing


Prices for our timber slabs vary depending of the type of wood, size, quality and any preparation work that needs to be done. Wood can be machined both sides to a uniform thickness or left uncut. Any imperfections such as cracks and gum sap lines are resin filled.

We can assure you that our prices will get you the best value for money in WA. Prices for individual pieces are determined by size and quality and prices for larger amounts of timber are worked out on a cubic metre rate. For a quote feel free to give us a call.

Timber Slab Furniture – Different Uses


Wooden slabs can be used for:

  • Tables: Both indoor and outdoor

  • Benches: Indoor and outdoor

  • Seats: Long bench seat style

  • Kitchen Counters

  • Study Desktops

Timber Slab Tables

Table and bar kits are designed for the DIY person to produce a stunning piece of solid timber furniture such as a dining table, bar or coffee table. Timber is dressed and precision-cut ready for joining which eliminates the need for large fixed machinery.

For example, timber for this beautiful outdoor Jarrah table in the picture below can be supplied in two pieces for the top and cut boards for the base and legs. Recommended assembly instructions can also be supplied to give the craftsman some tips.

Timber Slabs – Our Range


Eucalyptus marginata


Jarrah is found only on sandy soils in the South-West of Western Australia, close to Perth. Under optimum conditions it is a tall tree growing 30 to 40m in height with diameter at breast height up to 2 m.


Wood description: Heartwood of mature trees is dark-red, although regrowth is pinkish-red, while sapwood is pale yellow. The texture of the wood is relatively coarse but even, with the grain slightly interlocked and sometimes producing a fiddle-back figure. This is often a popular choice for timber slab tables or Jarrah Decking, especially durable and hardy in outdoor conditions and looks beautiful indoors too.


Wood density: Green density is about 1170 kg/m3, air-dry density about 820 kg/m3, and basic density about 670 kg/m3.


Workability: The timber slab is relatively easy to work with sharp tools.



Corymbia calophylla


Marri is commonly referred to as 'red gum'. Marri is usually a medium sized to tall tree up to 40 m in height with flaky grey bark, widely distributed in the south-west of Western Australia in the Jarrah and Karri forests, south of Perth.


Wood description: Heartwood is pale yellow to light brown to reddish brown, with sapwood bands up to 40 mm wide, usually sufficiently paler to be distinguishable from the heartwood.


Wood density: Green density is about 1200 kg/m3, air-dry density about 850 kg/m3, and basic density about 650 kg/m3.


Workability: Workability is good, with the timber being relatively easy to work and nailing satisfactory. Being easier to work with makes it a great choice for timber slab furniture anywhere in the home.



Eucalyptus diversicolor


Karri is one of Australia's tallest hardwoods, with height from 45 to 70m. It is native to south-west Western Australia, about 300 km south of Perth.


Wood description: Heartwood of timber from mature trees is pale pink to reddish brown, although regrowth heartwood is a lighter colour. The sapwood is white and usually easy to distinguish.


Wood density: Green density is about 1200 kg/m3, air-dry density about 900 kg/m3, and basic density about 690 kg/m3.


Workability: Dry Karri is very hard and less easy to work than Jarrah, even with sharp tools. This hardness and high density make it a great timber slab furniture for bench tops or other heavy wear surfaces. 



Eucalyptus patens


WA Blackbutt has the common name 'Yarri'. WA Blackbutt is usually a tall tree up to 45m in height, with a diameter to to 1.8m. It has a natural distribution that coincides closely with that of Jarrah.


Wood description: Heartwood is pale yellowish-brown, and the sapwood is sufficiently paler to be distinguishable.


Wood density: Green density is about 1120 kg/m3, air-dry density about 850 kg/m3, and basic density about 690 kg/m3.


Workability: The timber is relatively easy to work with. Has beautiful dark grain amongst the yellow brown creating a stunning natural piece of timber slab furniture for any home. 



Allocasuarina fraseriana


WA Sheoak is a medium-sized tree up to 15m tall and 0.5 to 1m in diameter at breast height. It occurs in south-west Western Australia in the coastal and hinterland regions.


Wood description: Heartwood is dark-red to brown, and the sapwood pale yellow. The texture is moderately fine and even, and the medullary rays are prominent as in other members of the genus.


Wood density: Green density is about 1000 kg/m3, the air-dry density about 730 kg/m3, and the basic density about 620 kg/m3.


Workability: The timber is relatively easy to work with. It makes very unique timber slabs for coffee tables or other smaller timber slab furniture.


All our wood is cut efficiently with the Wood-mizer mill.



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